Figure Out MY monthly mortgage payment

Figure Out MY monthly mortgage payment

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Using the Latest Decor Color & Trends to Attract Buyers

The start of a new year in the real estate industry signals a prime opportunity for sellers to do what it takes to get their home noticed among the sea of listings soon to flood the spring market. After tackling the clutter, necessary repairs and updates, the key to making the best first impression for buyers is using on-trend styling touches to help them emotionally connect. Check out our suggestions below for ways of using some of the trends for 2019 to enhance a home’s features, engage buyers, and take your property from “For Sale” to “Sold” in no time.

3 Ways to Virtually ‘Marie Kondo’ Your Condo

Have you found yourself in the past month mysteriously decluttering and refolding your clothes, all the while holding each one in your hands and pondering if they truly “spark joy?” Here are 3 ways to help you sell your home by decluttering condo in ‘Marie Kondo’ Style!